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Star Citizen Content Creators
Bored Gamer
Star Citizen, Star Marine & Squadron 42 with News, Tutorials, Guides, Tips, Ticks, Gameplay & Content.
BoredGamer cover all facets of the PC Game Star Citizen, Squadron 42, Star Marine, Arena Commander from Gameplay, Ship Buyer's Guides, Podcasts & Tweaks to Interviews with the Community as well as Mods, Associated Hardware, Tutorials, it's a one stop Channel for Star Citizen.


Hey guys, STLYoungblood here to welcome you to my channel. You can expect to see lots of Star Citizen, Planetside 2, and various other games being hosted here. It's not just gameplay though! I do a lot of updates, tips, tricks, advice, guides, etc. All that good stuff you really want to see, especially things like fail reels! Thanks for stopping by, go ahead and subscribe, follow me on twitter, and you'll stay in the know!

I will make interesting content in a way that the others will not. #nobullshit
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I do not do this for money,
I do this because I am passionate about having fun.
Hi, I'm Subliminal, Welcome to my Channel. My Passions are content creation and star citizen. My channel brings them together in harmony. My dream is to make a full time career as a content creator & thanks to you guys, I'm on the path to realize that dream. My wife of 4 years & I are in the process of adopting our foster son & this career path gives me more freedom to spend quality time with them.