Best All-Round $100:
The Cutlass is an excellent ship. This ship is sure to bring a lot of fun in the verse having decent firepower, storage and modularity. Also check out
Cutlass Red (Medical)
Cutlass Blue (Police)
Cutlass Black (General)

The Cutlass Black from Drake

Favorite Fighter (Aggressor) $170:
Stealth, Speed, Fire Power and Shields are more then sufficient to take out the best fighters.
The Sabre from Aegis

Favorite Fighter (Defender) $180:
This 2 Seat Dediated Fighter has good arsenal options and beefy armor to boot.
The F7C-M Super Hornet from ANVIL

Favorite Bomber $275:
The incredible firepower from Size 9 Torpedoes is supreme.
It's slow to manuever it is a force to recon with.
If you want solo experience, check out the Eclipse.
The Retaliator Bomber from AEGIS