Star Citizen

Create an account. Earn 5,000 UEC when you use this referral code:

Make sure you use the referral code to get the benefit.

Referral Code (LEGACY)
Read the Getting Started section to understand Star Citizen package options.

What is UEC?
UEC is an ingame currency.
5,000 UEC are worth $5 USD.

A coupon code is awarded for being a paid subscriber.
20% Coupon for Imperator Subscribers*
10% Coupon for Centurion Subscribers*

When is a Free Fly event?
Star Citizen has free fly events for anyone with a Star Citizen account. The last time it occured was on
- April 14th 2017
- April 13th 2018
- April 13th 2019
- April 14th 2020
- I decided to stop recording these.
The free fly events are random now.
Create an account and you will get e-mails directly from the source (CIG).

How does the referral program work?
The referral program gives every game owner a personal code that they can share with new players that reward both parties.
When someone uses the code, the benefits are the following:
    For the new player: You get $5 of ingame currency
    For the owner: There is a ladder system where we get rewards such as ships.

- Alpha 3.9

My goals and achievements thus far:
- Finally hit 100 referrals and reached my goal to get a cool alien ship (Vanduul Blade).
Star Citizen Vanduul Blade
- Finally hit 200 referrals and reached my goal to get Blades big brother, the Vanduul Glaive.

- My next goal is to get the Anvil Ship Package.
Next ladder includes two ships, The Anvil Terrapin and The Anvil Hurricane.

My public record:
- 08/22/2017 99 referrals.
- 08/24/2017 101 referrals
- 10/11/2017 122 referrals
- 12/26/2017 136 referrals
- 03/18/2018 185 referrals
- 04/14/2018 196 referrals
- 04/17/2018 201 referrals
- 05/13/2020 427 referrals
- 10/13/2021 483 referrals

Thank you everyone for your contribution.

What is Star Citizen?
Star Citizen is an ambitious project created by Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer. The project was initially funded on kickstarter surpassing $50 Million USD. Today, this amount exceeds $150 Million USD.  Active development throughout the world with offices in; LA (USA), Austin (USA), Montreal (Canada), Frankfurt (Germany), Manchester (UK).  This is the game that will revolutionize the gaming industry.

What is The Star Citizen MMO?
Star Citizen MMO is currently available in its alpha state. There are several game modes to choose from; Universe, Star Marine and Arena Commander. Using the referral code stated above will grant 5000 UEC currency which can be spent on in-game items.
    The Universe – The persistent universe is the mmo module. It’s where you meet up with friends and go on space missions. It’s an open universe like GTA 5 but in space. You can do so many things like: Exploration, Mining, Repair, Medicine, Research, Herbalist (grow space weed), Hacking, Pirating and so much more.  
    Star Marine – The first person shooting module. It’s a game within a game where you can train your first person shooting skills. There are no persistent death mechanics in this module. The modes available are: Capture the Flag and Free for All.
    Arena Commander – The space combat module. Another game within a game where you can train your space combat skills. There are no persistent death mechanics in this module. The modes available are: Free Flight, Vanduul Swarm, Pirate Swarm, Free For All and 4 vs 4.

What is The Single Player campaign?
Squadron 42 is the single player campaign. It’s highly classified with the exception of a few sneak peaks here and there. The game is currently being developed for public release sometime in the future.