Star Citizen

Star Citizen Coupon Code

It takes 1 year of being a subscriber to earn a coupon code.
  • An annual plan will grant a coupon code instantly.

Where can I get the 5000 UEC Bonus code?
Just use my referal code STAR-KSTN-PW7W and get the the bonus.

How can I get a Star Citizen Coupon Code?
The only way to get a Star Citizen Coupon Code is by subscribing.
(There are no discounts for entry)

There are several subscription options:
  • Centurion($10/month)
  • Imperator($20/month).
  • Annual/Access Pass ($110 and $220 respectively)
Once a 12 months of subscription is paid off you will get a coupon code for:
  • Centurian 10% discount cap is up to $50
  • Imperator 20% discount cap is up to $100

The subscription service is there to help fund the reporting of the project. The money collected from subscribes goes into weekly production of shows such as "Around the Verse".

Subscribers are rewarded with random monthly flare, REC credits for rentals and exclusive access.

This is the type of flare that you get every month.
  • You can put these as decorational items in your hangar.

GamesCom Exclusive Coupon (EXPIRED)!
  • These "coupons" where actually just purchase links.

Coupon Code: Gamescom2017
Expired 09/04/2017